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Mastering critical SKILLS for Coding Interviews: Part 1

Part one covers the data structures (basic and advanced). In the next part, the focus is Algorithms. The scope of the topics choices is again what is relevant and common in the interviews. The course programming language All slides codes are based on C++ Mainly C++11. I intend to not use the very modern C++ Many people don’t study after C++11 It will be easier for other programming languages to understand the code C++ code is very similar to Java and C# The LeetCode discussion tab has solutions for many other languages 95% of the problems: I will download solutions for some other languages (Python, JavaScript, Java, and maybe others such as C#)

Most of the problems in this course are Leetcode MEDIUM level And a few easy and some hard problems Most of the problems are from the most common interview problems, according to LeetCode data. Without proper background & skills ⇒ the course will be hard to learn